1. KingsGene


    MESHUGGAH Announce North American Fall Headlining Tour With Special Guests IN FLAMES And WHITECHAPEL; Final Date To Include VOIVOD "...Swedish metal icons, Meshuggah, will return to US and Canadian stages for a 19 date tour this fall. Produced by Live Nation, the journey will commence on...
  2. H

    The Feathered Serpent (new prog metal single)

    Hi everyone, I write music...not as often as I should :/ This one made it across the finish line tho :headbang: Hope u like it: Cheers!
  3. nervirasme

    Remix of "Demiurge" by Meshuggah (Instrumental only)

    Hey guys, I was lucky to find the DI tracks of guitar and bass for Demiurge, accompanied by MIDI drums (which I had to rework severely to make it sound closer to the way the original is played). I snatched the intro from the original though :). Let me know your thoughts and impressions. If you...
  4. metaltrenches

    Omega Diatribe Video Review (FFO Meshuggah, Living Sacrifice)

  5. metaltrenches

    HUMAVOID Interview FFO Meshuggah + KEYTAR! (Trench Talk Podcast)

    In this episode of the Trench Talk Podcast, I interview Finnish progressive death metal band HUMAVOID. We talk Influences, Keytar, Djent, the term "Female Fronted," The New Album, and more.
  6. metaltrenches

    Enslaved and Meshuggah collide with RANNOCH

    It's Meshuggah meets Enslaved on this incredible progressive death metal track from Rannoch.
  7. metaltrenches

    Meshuggah Tier List/Discog Review (Video)

  8. metaltrenches

    Four Bands For Fans Of MESHUGGAH (Video)

  9. metaltrenches

    CAR BOMB's Greg Kubacki (Podcast)

  10. B

    SEVEN - "Dark Scientific"

    New album "Dark Scientific" out now from Djent pioneers Seven. BandCamp
  11. T

    Progressive Metal Anyone?

    Found some really cool prog metal I thought you guys might like.
  12. KingsGene

    MESHUGGAH: The Violent Sleep Of Reason

    MESHUGGAH - THE VIOLENT SLEEP OF REASON ALBUM DETAILS REVEALED; PRE-ORDER LAUNCHED "...Sweden’s Meshuggah have revealed more details for their upcoming eighth album, The Violent Sleep Of Reason. Inspired by a Goya painting called "The Sleep Of Reason Produces Monsters", the album will be...
  13. soularflair

    "SOL NIGER WITHIN" (Fredrik Thordendal) video medley - by me

    Hi guys. I made this video a while back. Took a sh!tload of time to get down. I imagine some here might dig it. ========================== All original music here --
  14. soularflair

    Soularflair here. Progressive/death/tech/black metal producer...

    Hey all. I'm Adam. aka "Soularflair". I've written and self-released 4 albums, covering progressive/death/tech/black metal, electronica, soundtrack, ambient, glitchhop and more. I've done various vids on Youtube, including my own songs, a Meshuggah medley and another medley of Fredrik...
  15. Palabra de Dios

    Recognizing the "new" generation of prog metal?

    We could debate until the sun and moon disappear about what "progressive" truly means, or what defines "prog metal," but this is more about the newer bands that came out of the metalcore or djent or tech-death realm and have really come into their own lately. With Native Construct joining the...