metal clothes

  1. darkpath

    The Best Christmas Gift For Metalheads!!!

    Still feeling confused want to give what to your Christmas gifts? Here I want to give a recommendation of Christmas gift for Metalhead like us. Check this out!! You can get this shirt here : You can get this shirt here : You can get...
  2. L

    Looking for skinless shirt

    looking for a particular skinless longsleeve shirt. it has the image from regression towards evil on the front. backprint says "extermination of my filthy species". id pay top dollar for this one and would be eternally grateful.
  3. modeltechie

    Metal Model, let's make album art!

    Hi Metalheads! I've been a longtime metal fan, been on this forum off and on since college. I'm a full-time traveling model (so if you call me a poser, yes, I'm literally a poser) and am on the cover of the first album for Gone is Gone, a super group made up of members of Mastodon, Queens of...
  4. E

    For real METAL GIRLS

    hi everyone, especially METAL LADIES :) if you are looking for a unique rock outfit for the concert, party or festival, you should immediately visit this online shop Here you can find stylish black dresses for real metal ladies ;)Let's party!