1. A

    Vulture Locust - "Command Presence" (WAV ZIP Full Album) Extreme Metal + Grindcore BEST Quality

    Extreme Metal & Grindcore from Portland Oregon VULTURE LOCUST Best WAV Version Debut Studio Album Command Presence" 2015 15 Tracks Vicious & Savage Grind Best Quality Anywhere Online Link 1 - http://www[.]mediafire[.]com/file/imzqnfrcoamhyuy/ Link 2 -...
  2. TheRealTrueFake

    The Expression of Violence

    Hi fellow metal heads \m/ I started a series of article on Medium called ''The Expression of Violence''. It is about where music started, how it evolved all the way into metal, especially into the more ''extreme'' genres of it. As a long time metal head, writing on metal in kind of a different...
  3. Nivan Sharma

    stereotypes that you hear people say to metalheads if you liked this video be sure to subscribe!