midnight coven

  1. Aaron Baker

    Midnight Coven - Spiritual Weakness - (New Song/W Lyrics) -

  2. Aaron Baker

    - Midnight Coven - (NEW ALBUM) - Clairvoyance -

    Midnight Coven, led by Aaron Baker, recently released new album "Clairvoyance". With an influence of Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Uncle Acid, Megadeth and many others. You will hear some fantastic catchy melodies and groovy heavy riffs! with moving guitar solos, accompanied by lot's of...
  3. Aaron Baker

    - Check Out "Midnight Coven" -

    Midnight Coven is a Rock/Metal/Doom project led by 26 year old Aaron Baker. Heavily influenced by Ozzy era Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Uncle Acid, Megadeth, and many others. Midnight Coven has released a total of 7 albums to date. Fantastic riffs/solos and melodies, with a touch of keyboards...