mixing drums

  1. Marcos Pereira

    Spite - Kill Or Be Killed Cover + Stems

    :headbang::kickass: Hi my music friends, listen this new mix!
  2. D

    How to archieve this certain sound?

    Hey guys, I produce my band on my own and the sound has improved over the last years. However my goal or "dream sound" sounds like this in particular: What I need help with is the drums...I feel like there are many "unreal" drum samples like f. ex. the open hihat. It sounds very unnatural...
  3. Marcos Pereira

    Stand Alone Complex - The Deceiver [TURN UP STUDIO]

  4. Marcos Pereira

    Hygiea - Betha DJENT [TURN UP STUDIO]

  5. Marcos Pereira

    Feared - Possessed Remixing by [TURN UP STUDIO]

  6. Marcos Pereira

    Mark Schuster - Propaganda Force Feed MIX 2019

  7. DevelopDevice

    DRUMSCRAFT Megabundle • 25 Presets for Superior Drummer 3 • 66,6% Off

    BIG SALE! Again available ... for a moment. http://bit.ly/25MEGABUNDLE2019
  8. ReptaRus

    Ultimate Post-Hardcore Mixing Guide (Stems, Samples, Project files)

  9. LeadGuitar666

    Drum Editing Services

    Drum editing services include time-aligning drums to the tempo and for an extra fee, sample replacement/augmentation and mixing. Time-aligning is $80 a pop. Drum sample replacement/augmentation and mixing is $50. Attached are samples of my work. Please feel free to contact me through...
  10. ReptaRus

    Down & Dirty I Will Never Lose My Way DRUMS MIXING (PART 2)

    Full video on patreon: https://www.patreon.com/maxfatsound
  11. ReptaRus

    Down & Dirty I Will Never Lose My Way GUITARS MIXING (PART 4)

    Full video on patreon: https://www.patreon.com/maxfatsound
  12. DevelopDevice

    SD2 "Tesseract" style / Cubase Project + SD2 Preset

    Premixed template for FREE. Today Only! https://sellfy.com/p/u9aP/
  13. Moonless-Project

    Scarlett 2i2 on the Roland TD30KV and virtual amp guitar and bass

    Hey guys, I´m quite new to homerecording. Check out my new own song and let me know how you like the mix. I have almost 0 experience in mixing - especially the eDrum mixes make my life very hard. If you have anything constructive, any tips or whatever please leave me a comment or whatever...
  14. Julien Blond

    Huge 80's Snare ?

    Hi, i'm struggling to reproduce this kind of 80's huge snare : any thoughts or tips ?
  15. Marcos Pereira


    Hey Guys!!! Killer Superior Drummer Preset here: LINK THIS PRESET HERE: https://turnupstudio.bandcamp.com/