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  1. rod13

    re-introducing myself after 14 yrs

    Took a short break :) I hope you are all doing well, looking forward to engaging interactions and finding new music! Cheers Rodrigo
  2. G

    Greetings all metal lovers

  3. Raate

    Greetings from Norwegian/Canadian metal band, Råte

    Hi Ultimate Metal, I've been a lurker on the forums once in a while, mostly looking at recording techniques and ideas. Finally decided to join up and start conversations. I'm the bassist in a Norwegian metal band, Råte (I'm the Canadian in the band), but I also act as one of our recording...
  4. Filthhoundofhades

    Greetings from the UK...

    Hi All, New member here, been a long time since I was a member of a metal forum but been meaning to join one again for a while. Fed up of not having enough local people to talk metal with so taking my frustrations to the internet! Hoping to have some good metal related chat here, into all sorts...
  5. Raven_Black

    Hi! Trying out forums. Not usually my thing, but why not?

    Hi! I'm Raven. I don't usually use forums too much. I figured I'd give it a go, though. What harm could it really do? I'm hoping to meet some cool people that I may have missed out on meeting because of semi-irrational internet anxiety. I love symphonic metal (and showtunes, some older country...

    Hi there guys and gals ! :)

    Hey everyone ! My name is Jean and I am from Austria. I'm a musician/ medical student who is not sure about his future plans but music will always play a big part in it. I am currently workin on my first EP and the book from Brian Hood suggested this Forum as a really good source for good...
  7. Violent Nate

    Hello fellow Metal Heads!

    HI, I'm Nate, one of the guitar players in Violent Revolution based out of Phoenix AZ. I am a big fan of Metal, and have been since '89. Some of my favorite bands are, Machine Head, Slayer, Testament, Fear Factory, Kiss, Black Sabbath, Havok, Exmortus, BattleCross, Skin Lab, Pantera and...
  8. Olphor

    Progressive deathmetal (NEW EP)

    Hello, We are a unknown progressive deathmetal band from germany. last week we had the release for our first EP "velvet lash". hear on youtube, so plz listen on it and tell us your opinion :). after i made this post i recognize that its not the best move to do it in the review-section^^...
  9. Dimitra LeFay


    Lead vocalist of the symphonic power metal band, Mirall.
  10. The Nebulosity

    Hello, we are The Nebulosity!

    We though we would give this a try and make a profile!