new metal album

  1. ChrisBillingham

    LOST IN THOUGHT - New album!!!!

    Lost In Thought hare announced that they intend to release their second album 'Renascence' through a special pledge campaign that is offering a limited run of CD's, shirts and other goodies. Please see the Facebook post below: We would like to welcome you all to our PledgeMusic Campaign for...
  2. Raven Lands

    Raven Lands (female fronted death metal)

    Hi Friends of Ultimate Metal We are Raven Lands a spanish female fronted death metal band. We are preparing our first studio album and we need your help. We are promoting our crowdfunding campaign to record our first studio album called "Life eternal". If you enter in in the link below you can...
  3. D

    Metal Band Junkyard Prophet Set To Release New Album Stand Your Ground This July

    Metal and hard rock band Junkyard Prophet are set to release their new album “Stand Your Ground” this summer in mid to late July. Their overall sound is definitely for fans of bands like Alice in Chains, Jane’s addiction and Metallica. In the past, they have played shows with bands like Head...