new music

  1. NiceYams

    Atomic Whimper debut [Heavy Metal] Classic influences

    Gargantuan new metal band Atomic Whimper's brand new debut album out now. Come on over and check it out. Pay what you like download!
  2. _Revenant_

    Beseech the Scars - Access All Areas - NEW RELEASE!

    Please like, share, comment and subscribe! This is the second track to be released, and like so many of the tracks we'll be releasing over time, they all have a specific concept in mind. However, before giving the game away feel free to let us know in the comments what you think the song might...
  3. DMH_Productions

    Born For A Burial

    This is my first post but i wanted to share my latest single written recorded by me and my bandmate . all live instruments and mixed and mastered by me also hope you like it. and please give feedback good or bad
  4. Dwimorberg

    DWIMORBERG black metal

    Hello everyone! Here's some new black metal from Finland! One black metal and one ambient track. If you're interested, you can find us on Instagram and Facebook. Thank you if you listened!
  5. LtArWoLy

    Promoting my latest uploads for my unique metal project.

    Hey good people. Just wanted to promote my latest uploads and my project as a whole. Please guys feel free to like if you like them and sub for lots more content on the way. I already have two more uploads coming within the next week or so (depending) and much much more in the writing process...
  6. K

    Hello there

    I am one half of Waterlife, a prog metal/ambient band from Chicago IL. Check our current song out called "Reflection" and hope you enjoy. EP will come out November 23rd on all streaming outlets. We feature heavy riffing, with ambient sound elements on this song with both clean and harsh vocals.
  7. G

    My First Two EPs!

    My name is Gunner and I am a one-man metal band who puts their music on youtube. My first two EPs have been offically released! Spotify: Apple Music: YouTube...
  8. ChrisBillingham

    LOST IN THOUGHT - New album!!!!

    Lost In Thought hare announced that they intend to release their second album 'Renascence' through a special pledge campaign that is offering a limited run of CD's, shirts and other goodies. Please see the Facebook post below: We would like to welcome you all to our PledgeMusic Campaign for...
  9. Hamerex

    Hamerex: The Abyss Vol. 1

    Hi everyone, Steve from heavy metal band Hamerex here. Just wanting to share our brand new EP, The Abyss Vol. 1, which is the first in a trilogy of EPs which we're hoping to get released by the end of the year along with a CD featuring all 3 EPs on one disc. Each EP will feature 4 songs, 2...
  10. Jonny Lovato

    My band Ashes Of Arson's SINGLE (Metalcore)

    My band Ashes Of Arson just released our first single "Judgement Day" from our upcoming album "Through Embers Reborn". Let me know what you think please! Thank you. Here is the YouTube link below:
  11. Ray Stevens


    Metalcore act, Chasing Sokaris, released their debut self-titled full length on November 4th, 2016. The new sound they developed for the metal genre sticks out like a sore thumb, and exquisitely sums up what innovation the band is trying to bring to the music scene. The album can be...
  12. TheGuillen

    Guillen - Into The Void - Album Teaser Video

  13. ChristianETD

    Who is your favorite "local" band?

    Post your favorite local metal band from your hometown This is our new single "Optimist" from our upcoming full length album, entitled "Rebirth". We hope you love it.
  14. J

    Morti Viventi - uk based thrash metaller, album review.

    Hello, Please read my review of "the day the dead returned" by Morti Viventi, then listen to it as well! Excellent thrash release... Thanks, JONNYLINCS


    Today Vevo unleashes the madness of MYRATH on the world with the debut of their new insane video "Believer"! New album Legacy in stores Feb 12th. ‪ Will be included in "METAL MONDAY" on VEVO February 1st. VEVO Social: Twitter (@metalonvevo) Pre-order their new album on iTunes and get the...
  16. A

    Auvryana - Six Years of Sorrow

    Doom metal band from Turkey. All amateur, all painful, a work of six years. Nothing new, nothing extraordinary. Just pure doom metal. Debut album was out in 2012. After 6 years of sorrowful work, wonderful 12 tracks are all included in a digital album. If you like Lacrimas Profundere, Tiamat...