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  1. M

    Martyrs Shrine 'Deceiver' single out now! Check it out here

    Hope everyone is well! This just dropped! Enjoy Martyrs Shrine 'Deceiver' single out now! Check it out here 🙂 Full Demo download is available from
  2. usanow

    Album Review: Hauntologist - Hollow

    Hauntologist’s ‘Hollow’ - A Journey Through Sonic Nightmares Read more @
  3. usanow

    Album Review: My Dying Bride - A Mortal Binding

    Embracing Shadows: My Dying Bride’s ‘A Mortal Binding’ Album Review Read more @
  4. usanow

    Album Review: Sum 41 - Heaven :x: Hell

    Sum 41’s ‘Heaven ❌ Hell’: A Final Bow to a Punk Rock Legacy’ Read more @
  5. Eliad Katri

    Eli From Vengar Band

    Hello everybody, My name is Eli and I am The drummer of an israeli metal band called Vnegar. I am 28 years old and love the metal community. Last week my band mates from Vengar and I released our first music video!!! I would appreciate it a lot if you click on the link and share with me your...
  6. _Revenant_

    Beseech the Scars - Access All Areas - NEW RELEASE!

    Please like, share, comment and subscribe! This is the second track to be released, and like so many of the tracks we'll be releasing over time, they all have a specific concept in mind. However, before giving the game away feel free to let us know in the comments what you think the song might...
  7. D

    Malaysian Melodic Death Metal releases new single "Servants Of Alamin"

    Servants Of Alamin, Second single taken from the upcoming album "Withering". Other new releases; World Of Nifaq Music Videos; Mahsyar (2015), The V Sense (2018), Uphold Thy Rule (2018), Day of Reckoning (2018), Social Media; Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Stream; Bandcamp | Spotify
  8. D

    Greetings from Malaysia

    Hello and greetings. Nice to e-meet you all. I am Zid, a vocalist from a band called Purbawara. We play symphonic / blackened death metal. Just released our first album "Aphorism" on 2018. Latest Music Video Do let me know whats your feedback on our 1st album Thanks.
  9. S

    Speth - The Raven's Prophecy (Black/Death metal)

    Im a Metalhead from Slovenia and i make music. Everything is made by me, that includes guitars, bass guitar, vocals,lyrics, drums(ezDrummer).Each song that i released so far has its own style (one is death metal more of a gojira style, the other is more black metal). This one however is a...
  10. Bloody Falls

    Bloody Falls release new music video!

    What can go wrong in just one normal day? Watch the video to find out! This is our second single Amongst The Living Dead!


    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 13, 2017 ANUBIS GATE ANNOUNCES NEW RELEASE WITH COVER ART, TRACKLIST AND ALBUM DETAILS. Anubis Gate's seventh album "Covered in Black" will be released to the world on Nightmare Records on September 1st. With six highly acclaimed albums, what can be said about a...