1. Acydia

    Acydia - Decide (New Solo Full Length Metal Album)

    Hey guys! My name is Todd from Ontario, Canada and I've just released my first full-length solo album, Decide! I go by the name Acydia and you can find my music anywhere music is available! I've posted some links below and would love for you to give it a listen! It is a concept album, so...
  2. Jayden_Nucleust

    Metalcore To Melt Your Mums Socks

    This song was released Today ! Would Love Some Feed Back On This One :) DIY recorded from tips learnt from this forum back in 2010 Thanks :) Stay Metal Nucleust: Pretend Pessimist
  3. O

    Horoma Exordium / Debut Single

    Ordo Nocturnal Records here, we are new venture and would love to hear your thoughts on the debut single from Horoma Exordium "World's Falling". It's our first release. This is for fans for Gorgoroth, Emperor, Anaal Nathrakh and Mayhem. Social Media