1. Zonfar

    HI Ultimate Metal, I'm new here :D

    Just wanted to say hi! I love me some melodic metal. I grew up listening to and loving KoRn, they meant a lot to me being able to have that outlet of raw emotion unleashed. I also like orchestrated stuff like dimmu, although I've been getting into more electronic vibe types of metal like Daath...
  2. NafoTillDawn

    My Band Dead Till Dawn (Metalcore/Nu-Metal)

    Hey everyone my band Dead Till Dawn have released a few singles and we're about to release our full length album and I'm just trying to get our name out there and hopefully find some people who like our music. Our musical style varies between songs but I would define it as Metalcore meets...
  3. T

    TDWHSB - heavy, groovy metal from Ireland

    Hey guys, Just here to share some new music with all of yous TDWHSB are a heavy metal band from Dublin, Ireland, influenced by all sorts of metal across the board. We released our first official music video in August last year and are workin on our debut album for a summer release. You can...