1. Kuenring

    Kuenring - Traditional Heavy Metal from Austria

    Hi guys, I'm Michael from the Austrian band Küenring. If you like traditional heavy metal give it a listen: Our latest record: Bandcamp: https://kuenring.bandcamp.com/ At the moment we are working on our next Album, brace yourself and rock on!
  2. J

    Diamond Chazer - Chained in Tokyo

    When Traditional Heavy Metal arrives with all the power and energy as 80's way! https://diamondchazer.bandcamp.com/
  3. Alex Langill

    HROM - Featured on NWOTHM!

    - We from Hrom were stoked to find out the YouTube Channel: " NWOTHM New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal" showcased our 2015 release "Legends of Powerheart: Part I." YOUTUBE LINK - If you're interested in the discography Bandcamp Link - Or just more YouTube links 2009 Full Length "Blesk" 2012...