one man metal

  1. Neptunian Skies

    Neptunian Skies releases track off deep sea death metal concept EP

    Follow the link below to listen to the 'The Kraken' off Neptunian Skies' debut EP, 'Deep Sea Death Metal'. Neptunian Skies is a one man extreme metal project from Geelong, Australia. 'Deep Sea Death Metal' is a thematic instrumental death metal record inspired by the deep ocean...
  2. Belomith

    Belomith - Full demo (Solo Black Metal Project)

    Last time I posted on this thread I had two or three songs up, I released my full demo a couple of weeks ago. "Within the depths of Suicide." is the title of this project, you can check it out for free on ReverbNation, as well as follow my project on Facebook. I already have a new demo in the...