operation mindcrime

  1. KingsGene

    OPERATION: MINDCRIME - The New Reality

    GEOFF TATE’S OPERATION: MINDCRIME STREAMING NEW SONG “WAKE ME UP” "...The New Reality, the third and final chapter in the musical trilogy from iconic metal vocalist Geoff Tate, will be released on December 1st. The new song “Wake Me Up” is available for streaming below...."
  2. KingsGene

    OPERATION: MINDCRIME - Resurrection

    OPERATION: MINDCRIME TO RELEASE RESURRECTION ALBUM IN SEPTEMBER; ARTWORK, TRACKLISTING REVEALED "...Resurrection, the new album from Operation: Mindcrime, the brainchild of legendary vocalist Geoff Tate, is set for a worldwide release on September 23rd...." Musicians featured on Resurrection...
  3. ProgressiveRocco

    Queensrÿche - I Don't Believe In Love - FULL COVER w/vocals (VIDEO)

    Hey dudes! Thought I'd share my latest video/mix, our take on our favorite song from Operation Mindcrime! My buddy Vale on vocals, I recorded guitars and bass, programmed drums and handled mixing/mastering! check it out!