1. metaltrenches

    The Best Black Metal Bands Of The Decade (Podcast)

    Flight and Chris break down their favorite black metal bands of the 2010’s. YouTube Spotify iTunes CastBox
  2. metaltrenches

    The Sound That Ends Creation (Audio Podcast)

    Also on iTunes and Castbox
  3. metaltrenches

    Jake Hahn of OLAM FFO Converge (Trench Talk Podcast)

  4. SpiralTapir

    RockTalk Podcast!

    Hey guys, I started a podcast a few months ago where I interview musicians, promoters and venue owners but the twist is a greater emphasis on the guests personality. I have great fun doing it and absolutely love the different types of people that I have gotten to converse with so far, and hope...
  5. SpiralTapir

    Introductions of a roadman

    Hi all! So a bit about myself, I write music and sing in a band named City of Rapture and I run a music podcast named RockTalk. My favourite bands are: Rammstein Dethklok/Brendon Small Firewind Frank Zappa and a ten ton hammer more.... Outside of music I watch a lot films and read books that...