1. SoupKitchenRecords

    Vocal sounds...distant?

    Hello friends. Unlike usually, I'm having a female Pop-singer in next week and was doing some test recordings todays with my U87-style mic for it but the result felt "distant" and far away and I was hoping for some pointers. I was about 6 inches / 15cm away as recommended, had 15dB of preamp...
  2. Punkyskunky

    Thomas Brett Mixing & Mastering (Several Top 50 Singles)

    I'll professionally Mix & Master Your Track for $100 within 24 hours - Just get in touch! Currently offering a some great discounts on Mixing & Mastering services due to Quarantine - My past clients include several chart topping Pop & Rap artists with over 5M+ listens on YouTube and Spotify...
  3. M

    They Should Cover some more 80s Pop/David Bowie

    I can still Imagine Children of Bodom Covering songs like, Take On Me by A-Ha, Separate Ways by Journey, or Suffragette City by David Bowie! Like those versions would be pretty badass!!!
  4. einride

    i bought like five marillion albums

  5. Nikolas Quemtri

    Pop/Metal song, Dead by April-ish kind of music

    Check out the song I mixed, reamped and mastered recently: Any critique and questions are appreciated. Thanks! :headbang: