1. AlexRiviere86

    FENRIR RISING - Belial (Single 2023)

    We just released our new single: Belial. Epic choirs, Orchestrations and Catchy Melodies I hope you enjoy! cheers to all metalheads! ImI ImI
  2. Hodu

    I tried to make first heavy metal homerecording!

    Hi I am Hodu from south Korea. I composed a song via bias fx2 Would u please give me any feedback?
  3. skeleton-eyes

    Troll Mother - Forest Child - Metal Audio Book

    Blah blah blah my band yaddah yaddah yaddah Go listen blah blah Go buy blah https://www.facebook.com/TrollMother/
  4. Cry Of The Wolf Magazine

    Greetings from Rhode Island!!!

    Hello fellow metal heads. Anyone attending sweden rock festival in June?
  5. A

    HAZE - I AM THE WAY (Official Music Video)

    Hi, We are looking forward to the feedbacks, reviews, comments and opinions. HAZE band presents the debut work - clip on the key track of the eponymous album I AM THE WAY!! The inspirer of the whole work is the great David Lynch, creator of the cult TV series of 90's Twin Peaks! Follow us...
  6. yawp666

    Antikythera - Melodic Death Metal