1. F

    Problems with massive metal bass vst help please!!!

    Hey guys/girls. I'm going to cut to the point. I've downloaded the "Cory brunnemann" massive metal bass instrument for KONTAKT. And I'm having a hard time trying to figure out how to make alternate picking different from slides or mutes using velocity change. If that makes sense please speak...
  2. A

    Drums Programming Cool Rates

    Hi ! I'm offering my services as a Drums Programmer. I've been into it for years, and i managed to get great skills and keep on getting better thanks to my clients who give me the opportunity to unleash myself. I am quick, serious and i think as a drummer before as a guitarist. I use Addictive...
  3. abaga129

    I'm Beginning a Series of Tutorials on Developing Plug-ins

    Hey everyone, I've begun creating a series of tutorials about developing audio plug-ins using C++ and the JUCE Framework. If you're interested in this topic, you can find the tutorials on my blog at I will be posting the 3rd part later today. Right now I'm...
  4. abaga129

    New Website With a Focus on Plugin Development

    Hey everyone, it's Reker here. I wanted to share my website with you. I'm wanting to build a strong community that is focused on production techniques and helping each other out with technical skills related to audio such as plugin development and DSP. I...


    Here's a mix-ready tone perfect for all metal styles.