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    Countryman Type 85 vs RME Built-In DI vs Radial JDI (Guitar DI)

    Download the DIs here: https://goo.gl/CLQZDW Gear used: -Countryman Type 85 DI Box -RME Babyface Pro -Radial JDI DI Box -Schecter Blackjack ATX (Seymour Duncan Blackout Active Pickups) Info about the Video: For each DI, I used Pod Farm for the tone and then L1 just to control a little of the...
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    DI Box for EMG 707s?

    I am really confused about which DI Box to buy for my Schecter with EMG 707s. Do I get the Radial ProDI (passive) or the Radial Pro48 (active). I want to go Guitar to DI Box to XLR input of audio interface. I kind of understand why passive pickups are not to be used with passive DI boxes...