1. VoltronLions

    Gimme Metal Radio anyone listen to this? if your sick of Sirius or Eddie Trunk you might try this app been listening to it myself
  2. rocknowradio

    RockNowRadio salutes you all

    Hello everyone, We just joined the community and we'd like to share our internet radio station, Rock Now Radio. You can find us here, on email, on the web or on our Facebook page. We're at the start of the road, so anyone suggesting us how to become better would be a real help for the station...
  3. F

    New member (internet radio)

    Hi, new here. ForTheLoveOfMusic radio is a 24/7 webradio aiming to promote new bands of many genres, mixed with the best classics. Alternative, indie, pop, rock, metal, dance, etc. With some themeshows like an hour of ProgRock and two hours Heavy Show. Go to the wbesite...
  4. F

    ForTheLoveOfMusic radio Heavy Show today

    Today from 22.00 (10PM) CET a new 2 hour Heavy show will start again on radio. Go the website to tune in to the likes of Metallica, Five Finger Death Punch, Sulphur, Judas Priest, Metal Church, Nu Pagadi, Ministry, Anthrax, Iron Maiden, Smilex, Mistur and Gateway