raptor 7

  1. AntonioPetrole

    Architects Of Extinction - Progressive Metal Instrumental

    Hey dudes! Just finished up this instrumental song. Not crazy about the guitar tone, but I didn't want to fight it and make it worse over time :) Enjoy! I'll be posting raws for this once I can record the vocal tracks for it. If there is enough interest, I could post the instrumental raws now.
  2. AntonioPetrole

    NGD Skervesen Raptor 7 and Cort A5

    Hey! I got some new goodies in the past month that I figured I'd share. I purchased a Skervesen Raptor 7 String and a Cort A5 5 String bass. I have a teaser photo below and an imgur album for more images. Here's a quick review Imgur album http://imgur.com/a/vzXw0 Family Photo Skervesen...