recording guitar

  1. L

    How to get an old school black metal tone that doesn't suck?

    I'm going for something akin to what you'd hear on an early Immortal, Dissection, or Inquisition album. Nothing raw/lofi/necro/other buzzwords, and nothing too tight/modern/mid focused. Just a nice old school black metal tone that doesn't sound like it was recorded with a dildo and two toasters...
  2. H

    4K Audio recording Option in Audio Interface

    Is 4K audio recording a gimmick or does it hold a bar in recording. Looked into SSL 2+ interface with 4K audio recording interface. It looked legit so i am thinking of investing into it need you guyyy is opinion on it any help will be Appreciated Thank you PS buying the interface from a store...
  3. Nivan Sharma

    Eq Metal Guitars

    so I'm completely new and was wondering if anyone had any tips for EQing Metal Guitars and what your approach is. Thanks :)