1. U

    PLEASE: Where's this riff from??? (Edguy)

    Hi, I'd reaaaaally love if someone could tell me from where's the riff in the song "Babylon" at 5:19 from the album "Burning Down The Opera" (Edguy). It's driving me nuts, I haven't slept in a week. I will be eternally grateful and send you a magic dawn.
  2. A

    Opeth - Heir Apparent | guitar / instrumental cover | Fractal FM3

    This is my first project using the Fractal FM3. I 've used the Friedman amp. However, there are also two quiet guitars at 80% panning which are recorded using a real EVH5153 with Fredman Catharsis impulse response. The Les Paul is loaded with Seymour Duncan JB and Jazz. I 've used...
  3. metashredeca

    Liliac - Chain of Thorns

    Hello everyone! I would like to share my bands first original song called Chain of Thorns We are a family rock/metal band and we are most known for performing on the Santa Monica pier. We hope you'll enjoy our new song!