1. damako3

    Diveradiant - Absence (EP - 2020)

    A conceptual, most part of it, instrumental, solo project from Belgrade, Serbia. Phillip Mann is doing an awesome job here. Leaping between the layers of Atmosphere, Ambience & Experiment with great integrity and balance. A must for all fans of the genre! BandCamp Link, Facebook Link...
  2. Deathcore_mind

    I need help,i am new at covering songs at youtube

    Can you please watch,like,subscribe and share,to help me a bit Thank you in advance :D
  3. Deathcore_mind

    Brutal Disfigurment Serbia

    Hey metalheads We are Brutal Disfigurment (formed as Black youth) and we want to introduce you with our first demo EP Envenomed Now we are in progress of recording of our first album so if you like us stay tuned You have links of our Bandcamp,Facebook page and other usefull stuff in...
  4. Deathcore_mind


    Check this out Pure Death metal from Krusevac Serbia If you like it like us on Facebook,Youtube, and Twitter And share us ofcourse Keep it metal :D
  5. S

    Deathonation - Serbian Thrash Metal Band

    Hello guys! I'm here to promote a band from Serbia called Deathonation. We've recently released our first full-lenght album called "Dragged Into The Beyond" and we're trying hard to spread the word out as far as we can. I've heard that this site is a great option for doing that and we will be...
  6. Deathcore_mind

    Black Youth song from the upcoming Ep

    Hello We are Black Youth,a death metal band from Serbia and we want to present you a track from the upcoming Ep This is a demo track which we recorded on our bassist home So if you like it hit the like button,share and support us Cheers !!!!!
  7. Deathcore_mind

    Black youth song from the upcoming ep, Death metal

    Hello This is a song from our upcoming ep and we want a bit of your attention if you like it hit the like button on youtube and on our fb page or follow us on twitter cheers !!!
  8. Deathcore_mind

    Black Youth death metal band from Serbia need your opinion about a song

    Hi We are death metal band Black youth and we want a bit of your attention This is a song which will be on our first Ep called Envenomed So listen and if you like support us on band page Or follow us on Twitter...