seven string

  1. MystycalFanfare

    Mobile Legends Symphonic Metal Cover (First Trying with Perfect Drums)

    I've made a cover song from Mobile Legends game in symphonic metal style. I've produced and recorded myself in my bedroom studio. Also, this is my first attempt using new Perfect Drums virtual instruments, and I kinda liked it. Here's the video: Please let me know what you guys thinking and...
  2. AntonioPetrole

    Just Dropped 2 New Avalerion Songs (Melodic Death Metal)

    Hey all! So a few years ago I posted one of my Avalerion songs that was pretty well received for what it was. I just released 2 new songs! I rarely ever self promote my stuff on these forums, but this one is super special to me. I'd appreciate it if you could check it out if you're into it, if...