singer wanted

  1. A Splendorous Death

    Amon Amarth Tribute - Looking for project singer (just this song)

    Thought I'd see if someone would care to try making some vocals for this one. Just a little one-off track I knocked together, for the fun of it: ... and put your back into it ;)
  2. Kellii

    Any Rock vocalists wish to start an online collab?

    So I have moved from Scotland to Germany recently and I'm having a hard time to find people to make music with here. I recently have started writing a lot of rock songs for an EP and I am in need of a dedicated vocalist and lyricist to work with. The style is similar to bands like Ugly Kid...
  3. F

    Searching for guttural vocalists (perhaps with money involved)

    Hello there, how are you? I'm producing a song, until now all with grunt vocals, and am searching for a vocalist to sing. Lyrics are all written, guide "vocals" i can provide, etc. My main intention is to collaborate, perhaps get together as an online act, but if the singer is really not...