1. Jimmy SoulreapeR

    Looking for a black metal songwriter/singer for a project....

    Hi friends, I am looking for a songwiter/singer who could write the lyrics and record the vocal parts of my project. I have some ideas and concept to them. If you are interested, please contact me. I send you the tracks and we see what we can do. Influences from old Darkthrone, Satyricon, Burzum...
  2. Bohemian Dark

    Hi all!

    I'm Ana, nice to meet you! I'm the vocalist of the power metal band Yavith. We just released an EP, called Sunrise to Sunset and it's available to listen on Spotify and over 150 digital platforms :) I have some free time now, and I'm in Canada, so if anybody is open for a collaboration please...
  3. Raven_Black

    Hi! Trying out forums. Not usually my thing, but why not?

    Hi! I'm Raven. I don't usually use forums too much. I figured I'd give it a go, though. What harm could it really do? I'm hoping to meet some cool people that I may have missed out on meeting because of semi-irrational internet anxiety. I love symphonic metal (and showtunes, some older country...
  4. Guitar_Freak1

    Habits - Instrumental Metal Song (Looking for a singer)

    Hello metalheads! \m/ Here's my latest original metal song! I'm also looking for a singer so send me a message on soundcloud if you're interested! Thank you for your time!
  5. Salander

    birmingham metal?

    New in town looking for band members. Gengre -> power, sympho, prog metal, etc, or a combination of them don't mind as well Contralto singer, favorite bands would be Kamelot, Conception, Serenity, Arrayan Path and so on me singing Karma - Kamelot. Thanks
  6. Marcos Pereira


    I sang only a part of the music !! Sorry for the English, but I hope you enjoy! Thanks!
  7. F

    Searching for guttural vocalists (perhaps with money involved)

    Hello there, how are you? I'm producing a song, until now all with grunt vocals, and am searching for a vocalist to sing. Lyrics are all written, guide "vocals" i can provide, etc. My main intention is to collaborate, perhaps get together as an online act, but if the singer is really not...