1. I

    Home recording 6505+/mesa/sm57

    Hello all. I have a question some of you might be able to answer. I'm really into recording and mixing and am limited by my environment for the best possible sound (no studio/lab etc) but I want the best possible sound. So my preamp is a pod x3, which takes the sm57 XLR signal and sends it to...
  2. glitchfactor

    New Recording Studio/Music Business Documentary with some amazing engineers and musicians!

    Hey everyone! So if you like documentaries about studios and the music business my film Recording In Progress is finally available to pre-order after many years of hard work, travel, and interviews in some of the best studios like Blackbird, NRG, Sam Phillips, etc. There are some really great...
  3. N

    sm57 mods?

    Has anyone ever tried replacing the capsule inside of an sm57? I'm looking into some mods for fun . I'm going to give the impedance mod and and Transformer-less mod a try, but i'm wondering what else is out there. Thanks in advance!