stoner rock

  1. Luan Albani


    DOWNLOAD: Devil's Lab presents the Wasteland Cabs. It's 5 guitar cabinets impulse response and 1 bass cabinets impulse response. Is mix ready and works very well on stoner rock, desert rock, sludge metal, doom metal, 70s rock, also on all kind of metal. It's design to work with LPT Alpha by...
  2. NoSlip Records

    Wolves Of Winter (Vinyl Release)

    The Wolves Of Winter vinyl release will be in my hands any day now, this has been in the works for a long time now but I believe the wait is going to be worth it with all that we put into this one, new art on both inside Gatefold panels by David Paul Seymour and cover art by Ghosttown Graphics...
  3. T

    VOID CRUISER - Wayfarer

    Void Cruiser have released their recordings of the sonic voyage "Wayfarer" Feb.27th. The entirety is a creation of fuzz wall, melancholic soundscapes & ethereal vocals. Check it out!
  4. Dendrites

    Greetings from DENDRITES!

    Hey Everyone! Who We Are: We are Dendrites, a groove metal / rock 4-piece from Greece, and we are happy to be here at Ultimate Metal with you guys, so thanx for having us! What We Do: We have just released our debut self-titled album only a month ago with 10 original songs and it's available...
  5. Yorgie


    From Minneapolis...
  6. ThatDrummerGuy

    Written Interview- Arvis Jonsson & Tommi Holhoppa of Greenleaf