1. KingsGene

    Streaming package recommendations

    Trying to "cut the cord" from my Google Fiber TV subscription ( note that is different from "Google TV" ) which is currently $130 month, including cloud DVR, "movies plus" (FLIX, IndiePlex, MGM, MoviePlex, Reelz, RetroPlex, Shorts, Sony Movie Channel) and "sports plus" (FOX Sports, NFL RedZone...
  2. VoltronLions

    Gimme Metal Radio anyone listen to this? if your sick of Sirius or Eddie Trunk you might try this app been listening to it myself
  3. Aeons Abyss

    Would the Big 4 make it today?

    The following is a blog piece to generate debate on the current state of the underground metal scene in the age of streaming music .... "Ask yourself this: Would the big 4 make it today if they were only just releasing right now in 2019. Who knows? The underground metal scene is very...