1. DjaseBal

    My Damnation Chelsea Grin Stems

    A little cover I recorded this week. Tracked/Mixed/Mastered by me Here are the stems: Bands hit me up for mixing and mastering services! ;)
  2. DjaseBal


    I will do any extreme metal genres close to Metalcore/Deathcore. I will do singles or full ep's. i just want some more experience as a producer and want to start a portfolio. COMPLETELY FREE Just send me raw multitracks and midi (preferably dropbox)
  3. colbyhemple

    Latest Miss May I record \m/

    Joey, what did you do to Levi and Ryan's voice on their latest record "Deathless"? (plugins, EQ) It sounds amazing and a huge improvement over Rise of the Lion. Was there perhaps an instance of JST Gain Reduction on there?! <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0"...