1. MaxoMarto

    Arise - Sepultura (Full Cover) By Maxo Marto

    Hi, my name is Maxo Marto from Argentina and I want to show you my new video! This time about a song which crushed heads over the years! I hope you like it! If you think this is good stuff, I would appreciate the subscribe of my channel, shares, likes, comments and anything you can tell me...
  2. D

    Your own superior drummer

    Hello! Maybe someone can help me: I have a real drum kit wavs on my PC with a few mics of the same hit and I want to create my own drum kit like a Superior preset. There is any plugin for this? Thank you guys. The samples are from Matt halpern and Nolly Studio Pass.
  3. born_dead

    Celestial Meridian - Seasons EP 2016 (my metalcore band)

    hi guys! check out our new EP 1.December 2 Prayer 3 Red Lines (feat. Joel Holmqvist of Oceans Red) 4 Murderers And Victims Drums - Superior + Samples Bass - Massive Metal Bass Guitars - Schecter Banshee 7a -> Kemper Vocal - Neumann TLM103/Shure SM7b -> Golden Age pre 73 -> Digilab digilab...