swedish death metal

  1. B

    ENVIG - A Swamp of Human Waste (swedish death/crust)

    Freshly released lyric video and single from swedish death metal band ENVIG. Full album release will follow later this year. Follow the band on social media for news.
  2. MörkasteMörk

    What is this genre? Deathmetal?

  3. S

    if Black Sabbath Used Boss HM-2

  4. M

    Brutal Horror Death Metal Shit From Sweden

  5. fraenggers91438

    Star Of Madness - Oldschool Swedish Death-Metal Debut out now

    hey guys, this is the first release from my band project called STAR OF MADNESS. All music, mix and master by me. This is traditional Swedish Death-Metal with the classic Boss HM 2 chainsaw guitarsound. check it out...
  6. Another Guitar Dude

    Inert - Obliteration of the Self (death metal)

    My new death metal band Inert is about to release its debut EP "Obliteration of the Self" soon (June 17). The EP has been recorded and produced by the band, and reamped, mixed and mastered by another Sneapster (SinMix). We just premiered the title-track of the EP at No Clean Singing. Here...
  7. Another Guitar Dude

    Inert (tasty death metal)

    Hi folks ! We're Inert, a new death metal band that is going to release its debut EP "Obliteration of the Self" soon. If you like your metal aggressive, rotten with lots of D-beats, caustic buzzing guitars, and evils growls check us out. We just uploaded a short teaser of what's to come...
  8. T

    Swedish Death Metal (real drums etc)

    Hi! My band Orecus just released a new EP called Conclusion today. We play some kind of swedish death metal with a groovy twist. Everything is recorded, mixed and mastered by me. I also play drums in the band. Check it out if you feel like it. Cheers!
  9. H

    Death metal release

    Hey all, been a long time since my last post here, but here's a project I finished up a few months ago for my band Hath. FFO: blackened death metal with technical and early swedish death metal influences https://hathnj.bandcamp.com/releases Can give details on what was used/done if requested.