1. henryjarv

    Free Swedish Death Metal HM2 Guitar Tone

  2. B

    ENVIG - A Swamp of Human Waste (swedish death/crust)

    Freshly released lyric video and single from swedish death metal band ENVIG. Full album release will follow later this year. Follow the band on social media for news.
  3. NO.6

    NO.SIX is recording again

    The Game
  4. NO.6

    NO.SIX – New Video

  5. P

    Shredding Skin - Swedish Groove Death Metal from Norway

    Hello there! If you want some brand new tunes to your ears please check out my band - Shredding Skin. We are a "Swedish Groove Death Metal band from Norway" and we got 2 singles out at the moment and soon an EP. We are at social medias as well so PLEASE go to our pages, listen to us, follow...
  6. A

    Quantum Refrigerator - Live in Studio [HQ SOUND AND FOOTAGE]

    Hello, I play in Quantum Refrigerator. We're in the middle of a series of HQ live in studio videos. Here's the first one: Enjoy
  7. nacho220

    Brëjn Dëdd UGLY SONGS 1988-1993 2CD/2LP PRE-ORDER - Out October, 12, 2018

    from [http://www.soulsellerrecords.com/brejndead-ugly-songs-1988-1993-2cd2lp-12-10-2018/] One of the very first Swedish extreme metal bands, formed by scene legends such as Dan Swanö, Tony “IT” Särkkä, Michael Bohlin and others. For the first time ever the demo’s are officially released and...
  8. NO.6


    Two new singles out
  9. NO.6

    New Swedish band NO.6

    Would be great if you metal specialists tell us what you think:) Enjoy! Don't use word of love Out of control Without you