symphinic metal

  1. Smiechu

    The Everlasting Frontier - Imagination's Stream [Symphonic Prog Metal]

    Hi, It’s finally here!!! The one track that started this madness! Originally composed and released by...
  2. Raven_Black

    Hi! Trying out forums. Not usually my thing, but why not?

    Hi! I'm Raven. I don't usually use forums too much. I figured I'd give it a go, though. What harm could it really do? I'm hoping to meet some cool people that I may have missed out on meeting because of semi-irrational internet anxiety. I love symphonic metal (and showtunes, some older country...
  3. Kurnik

    Soul Storage - Symphonic metal band from Russia

    Symphonic metal band from Russia Karina Barkina - vocals Svetlana Danko - keyboards Aleksandr Kurnikov - guitars, bass guitar, arrangement
  4. Yetzirah

    Looking to collab online with talented symphonic metal guitarist and bassist

    This is the kind of stuff i've been writing and have alot more. Some of it is bright, some dark-- I would rather leave the guitar to guys who can play better than myself so i can focus on vocals and comp. Let me know if you are interested-- I'm down with skype communication, exchanging wavs...