1. P

    Elkapath new gothic synth metal band

    Elkapath are a UK synthetic Gothic Metal band give them a follow on youtube and Facebook you can listen to the full album on bandcamp they are influenced by the birthday Massacre korn and NIN they will be touring around the UK this year and supporting 69 eyes at HRH goth festival in September
  2. Qevox

    Linkin Park - From The Inside | Cover (Studio Quality)

    Enjoy ;) I did guitars, bass, synth, piano and violin here ;)
  3. B

    free black metal vst's?

    hey guys. i am looking for some atmospheric/industrial/choral samples/loops/synths to augment my vocals/guitar. some of the bands i am inspired to write akin to are wardruna, heilung, aquilus, nordvargr, batushka, ulver send me some recommendations! thanks!