1. F

    Canadian death metal band FUMIGATION release new EP

    Fumigation "Your Death Metal Pest Control Specialists" from Ottawa, ON, have officially released the "r0 5.7" EP as a digital only product. This is a DIY independent release and the 3rd official release from the band. Get your FREE / PAY WHAT YOU WANT download - When asked to comment, Fume...
  2. S

    Stasis by Somaesthesia

    Got some big shows coming up including supporting Cyrptopsy during the Edinburgh Festival, So thought I'd post here....
  3. Palabra de Dios

    Recognizing the "new" generation of prog metal?

    We could debate until the sun and moon disappear about what "progressive" truly means, or what defines "prog metal," but this is more about the newer bands that came out of the metalcore or djent or tech-death realm and have really come into their own lately. With Native Construct joining the...