1. Cronopio

    THORNBRIDGE: Daydream Illusion

    German power metallers Thornbridge will release their third album Daydream Illusion through Massacre Records on March 22nd, 2024. A video for the title track can be viewed below. Tracklist: 1. Come on in! 2. Daydream Illusion 3. Kingdom of Starlight 4. I Am the Storm 5. Sacrifice 6. Island...
  2. KingsGene

    THORNBRIDGE: What Will Prevail

    GERMANY’S THORNBRIDGE PREMIER “THE DRAGON’S REBORN” MUSIC VIDEO "...Alzenau, Germany-based power metal act, Thornbridge, released their debut, What Will Prevail, produced by Orden Ogan vocalist Seeb Levermann, on February 19th via Massacre Records. A new video for the album track, “The Dragon’s...