1. Merre1990

    Italicus Carnifex - Thrash-Groove Metal Band

    Good morning everyone! As mentioned in my presentation, I am the drummer of a thrash-groove metal band. We are coming out with our second album (March 19th) and I created this topic to get feedback and constructive criticism to improve the composition of the next tracks! So without fear, come...
  2. Manolin

    VALKNUT - [Thrash/Groove/Metal]

    I present you "VALKNUT", my solo band, with which offers songs with energy, speed and forcefulness as well as music full of expressiveness and brutality. If you like beast music.... turn up the volume, sharpen the horns and enjoy as if there were no tomorrow! With notable influences from other...
  3. A

    Vulture Locust - "Command Presence" (WAV ZIP Full Album) Extreme Metal + Grindcore BEST Quality

    Extreme Metal & Grindcore from Portland Oregon VULTURE LOCUST Best WAV Version Debut Studio Album Command Presence" 2015 15 Tracks Vicious & Savage Grind Best Quality Anywhere Online Link 1 - http://www[.]mediafire[.]com/file/imzqnfrcoamhyuy/ Link 2 -...
  4. T

    Tymo - Purge & Reset (Canadian Thrash Metal)

  5. AFTRR

    Canadian Death Metal AFTRR debut

    Canadian Death Metal Cheers, download and enjoy, AFTRR
  6. Guitar_Freak1

    My Top 4 Metallica Riffs

    My latest cover video!
  7. Acid-Fury

    Acid-Fury First Album [Update]

    !Happy new year everyone! We hope you are having a joyous time during the holidays. It's been quite a while since you've heard news from us, but the time has come! During the time of our absence from the music scene we were writing and composing new music for our forthcoming full length album...
  8. J

    UK thrash metal Morti Viventi

    Hi Ive found a great thrash album by a one man band!! Seriously needs to be heard. He goes by Morti Viventi. Check out this review and theres a link to the full album. Signed to the excellent ukem label.
  9. torturedskull

    Looking for awesome obscure thrash for "thrash albums of the day"

    Hey metal warriors, i'm looking for some new ideas for my facebook column "Thrash Album of the Day", any suggestions?? Check out todays column featuring Atrophy-Violent by Nature.
  10. G

    Godless - Beyond The Hate EP 2016 ( Thrash / Death Metal )

    Hello Friends , We are Godless a band from Venezuela, check this link and enjoy a nice fucking metal: If you like all the Ep on mp3 format, just send a email ask for it: