1. C

    Two Tickets for Days 2, 3, 4 Available!

    Hi all - I've got 2 tickets for days 2, 3, and 4. Message me and let's work out something. I can't make the show and want to be sure someone can use these. Thanks!
  2. Silence Disguised

    For Sale: 2x Gold Badges for ProgPower Day 3 & 4

    Hi Everyone, I have two gold badge tickets for sale for Day 3 and Day 4. As a gold badge holder you will get early entry to the venue. Message me if you're interested. I can accept Venmo or PayPal. Very bummed to miss out this year. After holding out for 2 years to see this year's line-up...
  3. Chris Hogan

    ProgPower tickets for sale (old)

    I've got 2 tickets for Friday and 2 tickets for Saturday in printed form ready to be mailed to a buyer. I'm asking $120 for each ticket, and would prefer that they be sold all together or in pairs, if possible. Email me at
  4. Astral Kannibal

    Hello, new here! Need help on a question about Wacken.

    I am trying to buy my ticket for Wacken but when I try to register at metaltix, putting ny address in gets confusing. I live in a house so the numbers go before the street adress. Ex: 123 street. Metaltix is requiring me to input numbers in the number slot after the street but there are no...
  5. Metal Man 1969

    2 Napalm Death tickets for Melbourne 10th Oct

    2 Napalm Death tickets for Melbourne 10th Oct I am now unable to attend this awesome concert :yell::yell: and have 2 gen admin tix for sale at around half price. See my gumtree add...
  6. M

    Tickets Amon Amarth COSTA RICA from USA cant get tickets

    Hello, Anyone know how to get VIP Costa Rica Ticket for the show. I am in USA and the ticket site wont let me buy one. Does anyone know what I can do? I will be there and would hate to wait the day of the show to buy. Thanks so much in advance Myron Dean Brown
  7. benlacy2112

    Looking for Day 3 & 4 tickets

    Missed the boat on the pre-sale. 2016 was a blast. Will pay face value, or a bit more if you really want it. Two tickets, if possible.
  8. N

    ProgPower: 2 tickets for Wed & 2 tickets for Sat available

    We bought tickets for all 4 nights, but it turns out we can only make it for Thursday & Friday. So I have 2 tickets available on Wed and 2 tickets available on Sat. Would like to get the face value of the tickets but would be open to a fair offer. I'd like someone to be able to enjoy these...
  9. Circus \m/aximus

    ProgPower USA - 2 tix for Day 1, September 7

    As you know tickets for ProgPower are sold in 2-day blocks. I really only want to attend Thursday's shows with Circus Maximus. The other two tickets I have for Day 1 are for sale - 60.00 each. I'm in NC, so the tickets will have to be sent via UPS. Message me if you're interested. Bands slated...
  10. M

    Wacken Open Air tickets

    ON SALE: 2x three days / all-in tickets for Wacken 2016. 150 EU each! I'm located in Spain, we can make an in-hand deal or I can ship registered / international (you should get the tickets in a few days). I ship the same day we make the deal, and I offer PayPal in case you want me to ship...
  11. R

    2 Wacken 2016 Tickets

    Hello! I have 2 Qacken 2016 3 day all in tickets available. $250 CAD each, ideally will sell the two together. I was hoping to go this year however it isn't feasible so looking to sell the two tickets. Prefer a sale around Toronto, On. However, if other people are interested I'd happily...