1. Jotun25

    Pentakill - Mortal Reminder (full band cover feat Dirk Verbeuren)

    Hi, friends! I wanted to share the cover we made of Pentakill´s Mortal Reminder, featuring Dirk Verbeuren on drums, and also the amazing Siegfried Song on vocals. The rest of the musicians did a great job too, thanks to them! I hope you enjoy it and contact me for audio/video work. All...
  2. BlackMagik

    Toontrack Metal Month 2017

    Toontrack has begun metal month for November 2017 - Is there anything you would like to see from them?
  3. Jotun25

    Ariana Grande - Side To Side (metal remix)

    Hi, friends, I just made a metal remix of one of Ariana Grande´s songs, Side To Side. I cut some Nicki Minaj parts, since I didn´t like them at all, hahaha. I hope you like it!
  4. Jotun25

    Mixing feedback: Metallica - Moth Into Flame (4k Panasonic G7 test)

    Hi, friends. I just wanted to share a short cover I did of Metallica's Moth Into Flame, to test my new cam, a Panasonic G7, in crisp 4K. I used Axe FX II for guitars and bass, Toontrack libraries for drums and Audio Technica AT4040 for vocals. Any feedback is welcomed.Hope you like the audio...
  5. Jotun25

    Mixing feedback: Metallica´s Halo On Fire

    Hi, friends! I just wanted to share a cover I made of Metallica´s Halo On Fire, my favourite song from Hardwired... I played guitars and bass, programmed drums, sang it and recorded audio and video (also editing, mixing and stuff). I hope you like it and share it (I hope Metallica would listen...
  6. Jotun25

    Vikingore - Enraged (Viking Metal)

    Hi, folks, I just want to share a trailer of the work I made recording, mixing and mastering Vikingore´s Enraged, a Viking Metal band from Spain. All feedback will be welcomed and I´ll try to answer your questions. I hope you like it!
  7. Josh Delikan

    My new release - "Europa, Rise / Overgrown Paths"

    Hello! I've just released a brand new, two-track "double single" of sorts and would love for you all to check it out. As with my previous releases, these songs were performed, recorded and mixed entirely by myself. This takes a hell of a lot of work, so any and all support is greatly...
  8. Josh Delikan

    Lundgren M6 Pickups Demo!

    Hello! I've just uploaded a video demo of the monstrous Lundgren M6 set. They're loaded into my home-built explorer, Ice, which goes straight into Reaper. All tones are from EZMix 2. Mega riffage awaits!
  9. DevelopDevice

    SD2 "Tesseract" style / Cubase Project + SD2 Preset

    Premixed template for FREE. Today Only!
  10. Jotun25

    Judas Priest - The Sentinel (vocal and instrumental cover)

    Hi, friends! I´ve just uploaded a new cover in my Youtube channel: Judas Priest´s The Sentinel, featuring Siegfried Song (Symmetric Chaos) at vocals and Alonso Pérez (Rugido) at lead guitar. I played guitar and bass, programmed drums and mixed, mastered and edited the whole audio/video. I...
  11. Josh Delikan

    Josh Delikan - A Shadow Left By Time

    Join me on an epic musical journey of strife, heroism, tragedy - and ultimate redemption. A Shadow Left By Time.
  12. Josh Delikan

    Josh Delikan - A Shadow Left By Time

    Join me on an epic musical journey of strife, heroism, tragedy - and ultimate redemption. A Shadow Left By Time.
  13. DevelopDevice

    Cubase pre-mixed template

    Hi there, I prepared Cubase template built only EZMix 2. Nothing more needed. If anybody cares, more info in the description below the video :) Have nice day.