trash metal

  1. martinantonsson

    Stone Brigade - Madman's Paradise

    Hey! You haven't missed the debut from Swedish metalband Stone Brigade right? Available on your preferred streaming platform but here's Spotify:
  2. martinantonsson

    Musician and mixing/mastering engineer

    Hey! Super excited to be a part of this platform and to get to know more of you! I am a musician in Swedish metalband Stone Brigade. We released our debut album late August of this year called Madman's Paradise. It's available on your preferred streaming platform! The album was mixed and...
  3. Sanatoriumband

    SANATORIUM - Guardians Of Deceitful Dawn (official rehearsal video)

    !!! SANATORIUM IS BACK !!! new channel new video
  4. M

    Band searching for vocalist (Power metal and Trash metal Style)

    Hi, I'm searching for a Power METAL or Trash metal vocalist. I have already many songs. Basically the only restriction is that the vocalist needs to have a basic home studio to share the files. People. That have interest please send an email to That's all. Thanks.