1. V


    Hello im Viggo. I like to perform you my black metal oneman band Sjotrollet and a "Redemption" album. I singing, play and recording all the instruments with minimum gear. NO WAR!!! Extreme vocals, clean vocals, guitars, bass, drums by Viggo Paul. Soundcloud...
  2. D-ville

    New videoclip by Lurid Heaven

    Lurid Heaven release a video for the Track "Nihil" from the EP "Cvmvlvs Nimbvs" and you need to watch this... The clip has a "jar of flies" vibe and some easter-eggs with references to works by authors such as Bram Stoker, John Milton, Helena Blavatsky among curiosities that can be seen on...
  3. Berk Yağlı

    Cinematic Progressive Metal - A unique style

    Hello All, I want to share with you my album "Symphony of Humanity" and the music video of the piece "Obedient Workers" from the album. It is a concept album that illustrates a third-person point of view of the frames of minds and certain phenomena that have been the catalyst of the...
  4. Aeons Abyss

    Would the Big 4 make it today?

    The following is a blog piece to generate debate on the current state of the underground metal scene in the age of streaming music .... "Ask yourself this: Would the big 4 make it today if they were only just releasing right now in 2019. Who knows? The underground metal scene is very...
  5. damako3

    Get to know "Ocularis Infernum"

    Ocularis Infernum is a Black - Death - Symphonic metal band from Riga, Latvia. Their music is a constant battle between major and minor, between heaviness and melancholia, between soul ripping soundtrack music and heavy riffs and brutal vocals. Band consisting of 3 members: : Andris Začs -...
  6. K

    Stereo Assassin "Satanic Breaks" release

    On June 21st NYC's very own Stereo Assassin will release it's long awaited "Satanic Breaks" Ep, 6 tracks of ungodly & extreme, Industrial Metalcore Aggro-Tech. It's also available NOW on BANDCAMP which when purchased from band camp includes bonus tracks w/ guest appearances from Carly Coma...
  7. Heretic UG


    SATURNAL RECORDS Saturnal Records is independent record label founded at Tampere, Finland in 2014. We are dedicated to extreme and underground music with prior focus towards black metal and death metal with few exceptions (which are not really exceptions if you take a closer look to our...
  8. SENTIENT_Metal

    SENTIENT (Canada) - Ceremonial Murder

    If your into thrash/death metal and you have not checked us out, give our last album Ceremonial Murder a rip! We have been hard at work in the studio. Writing and recording for our upcoming album. Due to be released July 2017, it will be the best music we have created so far. If you like...
  9. ErikDismembered

    New Avant-Industrial metal solo project Chasing Sanity

    New project from the front man of Skin Drone, Chasing Sanity is an avant-industrial one man band hailing from Hot Springs, AR. This is the first song off the upcoming full length. It features the vocals and synth stylings of Nate from Isolated Antagonist and AutomatoN.
  10. Deathcore_mind

    A death metal band Black Youth have a new song from upcoming EP

    Here is our secound song from our upcoming EP Like share support it is our very first EP since we excist as a band
  11. ErikDismembered

    Skin Drone - Evocation (New Album and Shirts!)

    Hey guys, my band released a new album called "Evocation" you can check it out here: www.skindrone.bandcamp.com. Metal Injection recently called it the "...cluster mind fuck of the year..." We have a special going on right now where if you buy a shirt, you get a physical copy of the record for...
  12. Ulff Darkwave Master

    Releases from UA-UNDERGROUND community, free mp3 download

    Hi! We are a small community of underground metal bands from different countries. We have a site where we publish our works. You can download any our album for free directly from this site: http://ua-underground.org Please listen and comment, your opinion is very interesting for us. If you like...
  13. J. Golden

    Assassin ‘License to Kill’ re-issued soon

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: H&H Records has Assassin in the cross-hairs and are ready to pull the trigger Heaven and Hell Records will soon be re-issuing classic Pennsylvania band Assassin's ‘License to Kill’ album for the first time ever on CD. Formed in the early 1980s, ASSASSIN appeared onto...
  14. J. Golden

    Jack the Ripper first album uncovered & 'Bloodbath' EP re-issued

    After a three year manhunt for the members of the JACK THE RIPPER band the search has finally come to an end. Along with finding 3/5 of the group, other discoveries have been uncovered and soon Heaven and Hell Records will be bringing some of those findings to light. Formed in 1980 in Columbia...
  15. metaltrenches

    Metal Trenches: daily underground (mostly) recommendations and streams

    Our site has been growing and I continue to try and build its reach. Daily reviews, streams, recommendations, and most recently Top 10 year-end lists. No nonsense, no tabloid BS, no masturbatory/inflammatory reviews. Only the stuff we like or want you to be the judge of. Join us on Facebook...