viking metal

  1. Allfader

    ÆRA - The Source of Ruin (black metal)

    International black Metal duo Ulf Niklas Kveldulfsson (Forestfather, Deveneror, Er Murazor) and Stein Akslen (Minneriket, Blodsgard) released their sophomore album «The Source of Ruin» in support of the people fighting against Covid-19. All proceedings from the digital sales will go to the...
  2. wolfskull

    Wolfskull (Viking metal from Canada) This is my first time making an album after writing for so long. Amon Amarth heavily inspired me and it shows in the sound. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Jotun25

    Vikingore - Enraged (Viking Metal)

    Hi, folks, I just want to share a trailer of the work I made recording, mixing and mastering Vikingore´s Enraged, a Viking Metal band from Spain. All feedback will be welcomed and I´ll try to answer your questions. I hope you like it!