vst plugin

  1. Luan Albani

    Randall Satan Amp sim - Blades By Vadim Taranov Amp vst

    Great vst by Vadim Taranov BUY IT NOW! http://pvamps.blogspot.com Barong cab IR: https://luanalbani.wixsite.com/devilslab/impulse-response Guitar player: Filipe Bragio
  2. alessandroarzilli

    Overloud TH3 - Best plugin amp sim for metal covers?

    Hello everybody! I would like to share with you all my personal video review of the great TH3 by Overloud! I believe it's a great plugin full of very well balanced presets! Please let me know in the comments what you think of it!
  3. atoragon

    Free Guitar Amp Sims comparison 2/3: LePou

    Hi guys, here is the second article I've done about free guitar amp sims. In this one we compare 5 free LePou/Poulin plugins. Enjoy! http://atoragon.blogspot.sk/2017/12/best-free-guitar-amp-sims-2017-23-lepou.html
  4. atoragon

    Free Guitar Amp Sims comparison 1/3

    Hello guys, I have made 3 videos comparing the 11 best guitar amp sims that can be found online today. Here is the first comparison: the 3 ignite amps plugins, the other two articles will be published in the next few days...