1. B

    free black metal vst's?

    hey guys. i am looking for some atmospheric/industrial/choral samples/loops/synths to augment my vocals/guitar. some of the bands i am inspired to write akin to are wardruna, heilung, aquilus, nordvargr, batushka, ulver send me some recommendations! thanks!
  2. C

    Shreddage Bass 2 vs Trilian

    Looking for a good (and relatively inexpensive) bass VSTi and I see that Impact Soundworks is having a 50% off sale. Shreddage Bass 2 is currently $79 and I'm wondering how it stacks up when compared to the legendary Trilian. Would like to hear some opinions for those who have tried both! Thanks.
  3. DevelopDevice

    Develop Device - Descent / FL Studio progressive metal

    .. when I need a break from mixing, and this occasionally plays around with VST instruments :) Thanks for listening.