within temptation

  1. KingsGene

    WITHIN TEMPTATION: The Fire Within

    WITHIN TEMPTATION RELEASE NEW SINGLE "THE FIRE WITHIN"; VISUALIZER STREAMING "...Says the band: "When a band writes an album, it often happens that there are too many ideas to make it onto the final track list. However, those songs that fall through the cracks sometimes make a great B-side or...
  2. Y

    Most beautiful metal songs?

    Not like gritty or brutal works, but music that provides a sense of imagery/pleasure in your ears. This is mostly a vague thread that can include any subgenre, any aesthetic, etc. I've just recently gotten into Avantasia, and while I'll admit that their music can be a hit-or-miss at times, this...
  3. L

    Youtube vocal cover

    Hello to everyone! Nothing very original from me but I just re-opened my youtube channel few days ago with a within temptation vocal cover and I wanted to share it with you... still so much to learn and I am nothing compare to Sharon of course, but here it is, I hope you like it
  4. KingsGene

    WITHIN TEMPTATION: The Aftermath - A Show In A Virtual Reality

    WITHIN TEMPTATION ANNOUNCE THE AFTERMATH - A SHOW IN VIRTUAL REALITY; NEW SINGLE "SHED MY SKIN" DUE THIS MONTH "...Radically evolving themselves by combining crossover genres with rock and metal, it has become clear that Within Temptation have never been bound by frontiers. The band now takes...