12/04 TODT with Celtic Frost! (Belgium)

Unbelieveable... in April, The Old Dead Tree are playing with one of the best bands ever, here in Belgium!!!! Quite happy to find out about this today... And I'm already really looking forward to this festival... :)

Anyone else of you going maybe?


i am happy for you. Rock on and support the guyes!!!
I glad to see they on Summerbreeze - that will be very short, but Never mind - i will use my time and rock on :kickass: or only :worship:
On their mySpace: (http://www.myspace.com/pestpop)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pestpop 2008 canceled

Dear friends,

Some bands decided not to play at the pestpop fest.
The organisation decided to cancel the date (12/04/08) and is now looking for a new date and other bands.
As soon as we got more news, we’ll put it on this blog.
We’ll expect a new date the next weeks.
For those who have already a ticket : this ticket will be good for the next event.