7th Son and Chemical Wedding DONE!


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Apr 16, 2001
Maryland USA
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Hey all, I have just posted two tracks to maidenman's myplay. I urge you to check them out and give feedback. Things have been slow in the IMG lately, but we are still cranking out tunes..

First up..
Chemical Wedding
Drums - MaidenMan
Bass - Mr. Hyde
Guitars - Medsy
Vocals - Jim
Mixed by Medsy
File name = Final - Chemical Wedding.mp3

As I was not involved, I can honestly say this track kicks ass! This is probably Jim's finest vocal performance to date. Great job on this one guys.

Next up...
Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
Drums - MaidenMan
Bass - Constantine
Guitar 1 - Medsy
Guitar 2 - Rabies
Keyboard - Ploughman
Vocals - None Yet. Jim? 7th?
Mixed by Mesdy
File name = Karaoke - Seventh son of a Seventh Son.mp3
Guitar 2 - Medsy

Woot! Its done. I only requested one remix from Medsy and he fixed all the problems I had. I think it kicks ass..I'd like to hear everybody elses thoughts.

Up the IMG!

p.s. I am cleaning up MM's locker a bit...organize it some.

I was getting that yesterday. Download the crazy file..and just rename it to <whatever>.mp3.

It works.. It pulls the file down ok..for some reason it is just screwing up the filename.
7th Son...um...yes.....

It's ok but why does it seem to lack all the important string parts?

I think you have only used the choir parts....

There were 7 different files containing synth for 7th Son on MyPlay.
Hi Ploughman. I didn't do the mix..Medsy did..but I thought it sounded great. I know you put in a bunch of tracks..but I didn't think it was 7...maybe we missed a few? I also know that originally, he had keyboards mixed higher in some parts, and I asked him to tone them down. These were sections where I simply don't hear any keyboards on the original version by Maiden...I can still hear them in our version..but they are very much buried a bit more in the mix. I am hoping this won't upset you too much. We certainly appreciate what you did on keys...it made the song sound 100 times better. :D

Ploughman i cant believe you dont like this mix dude.... i also think its a pretty even mix....!!! I thought i mixed your synths in pretty cool....they are pretty loud in the intro.... the middle section...and the harms at the end.... everywhere else was mixed a lil lower as the guitars and vox are to be the highlight in those sections....!!

BTW...i only recieved 3 files of synths from you....

AND THE BAD NEWS.... unfortunately dude ive already deleted all the working files for this song.... so if u want more synths were gonna have to open the finished final track and add synths to that one......

RABS...: I made one more mix before i deleted the files ... final 3 ... its all the same except the very last lead run after the harms in part 3... ( c#,d,b,c#,a,a,d....) i thought it needed to be boosted up slightly to match the volumes in the previous harms....

Ill send it over at some stage in the future...

Only three files!!??!!!

Well that explains ALOT!.....I don't know what happened to the other 2 but they were all up to myplay in a row.

But nevermind,

Now, the thing is that there are some bits (the major part and the beginning of the song) where there's only choir whereas there should be strings. This happens with the bit which comes before the chorus (ooooo-ou-ou-ooooo--o-oooo C5.....E5)....

The other option (which is fairly possible) that my earphones have lost the middle chanel 'cos the cord is broken. So if you guys can hear the strings there and on the other places, that's the reason then.

And don't get me wrong. I think sounds great!.....
I just wondered who nicked my files.