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Apr 16, 2001
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Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son Project

Just thought I would start this thread to a. Give us a place to post whats going on and b. for me to play with the Enhanced Mode vB Code on this board! :D

Official Players
Drums - Maidenman
Bass - Constantine
Dave's Guitar - Medsy
Adrian's Guitar - Rabies
Vocals - 7th Son
Mixer - Medsy

Ok..so Maidenman is all done, and Constantine is done with part 1, and Medsy is now done with part 1 AND part 3 (you rock) and I am done with ...nothing. Obviously 7th is waiting on us.

Well..typing all that was fun. :D

Medsy, You think you could send me your rhythm recordings for part 3? I'll record against your parts to get a tighter recording. I guess I'll need any 'harmony/lead' work in that part of the song too. Don't need your solo's though (unless you wanna send those too...) Lemme know. If you can get it to me soon, I'll record all of parts 1 and 3 together (without solo) this weekend.

Constantine - How goes your parts?
no probs lads........

Ill send a full part 1 mixdown to you maidenman.....with rabs' rough part 1 included...its not his final part........Has drums and bass included roughly mixed to level.... unless you state otherwise....

Ill also send a preview mix of part 3....with both parts done by me....so u can get a rough idea.....and then insert rabs' part on the final.....UNLESS...you state otherwise....ill wait for a reply here...you may just want my part only....without drums bass and me playing rabs for a day...... :)

And ill mix down a rythym only track for you rabs.....and ill send my lead tracks as well..... both seperate and one at a time......hopefully i drilled this cause its a daunting task to play it all again...... BUT..... these will be without section J if u want me to send now....i am having EXTREME trouble on that section...harder than daveys farkin solos........
What is section J ? You have referred to that twice now..and I thought you meant the quiet section..but now I am starting to get confused. :confused:

I'll have a listen to what you send me and let you know.

I have Medsy Down for mixing this one. Is that not true?
I'm having a tough time with my timing and part 2. I get screwed with my counting.
I'll get it, I just need time to practice. I can play part 3 along with the track, again, just
some time to practice with MM drum track, record and send it out.

I hope to have this done real soon.
Sorry for such a delay guys, you know I hate working long on a project.

take care
Constantine :rolleyes:
section 'j' is the ensemble in between solo 1 and solo 2 in seventh part 3...... tis just a lil hard......

Yeah im down for mixing on this one.....UNLESS....someone else wants a turn....id be happy to palm it off..... obviously my mixing skills dont quite cut it like the other lads....so id be happy to let someone else do it if it raises the standards..... ;) .....the tracks are being sent now.... 2 to rabs..and 2 to mm..... i think were gonna rock on this baby.....

Rabs.... youll need to find the sync with my part 3 tracks to the drums u have.........
I spent some time learning the song tonight. :rolleyes: :)

Yea...I'm just now learning it. I knew the basic structure and the rhythm stuff...never bothered to learn the technicals of the leads.
Two things I noticed.

1. Holy dump, solo 3 is going to take me a bit to get down! Solo 4 took me a good half hour to learn!

2. I'm glad you brought up that specific section. I completely don't agree with the tablature we have on that section Meds. Once I get your track, I'm gonna record what they have and compare it to what I think it is....then I'll let you know. You cool with that?

Gonna try to get my part 1 and part 3 rhythm stuff done this weekend.

I got no problem with you mixing it Meds. My hands are full mixing To Tame A Land. :D
Oh...and Constantine (If you read this)... can I ask you a favor to go ahead and record part 3? Thats going to be the hardest section for me! Yours and Medsy's parts there should help me out. Then about the same time I nail out my leads/solos in that section, you may have had enough time to practice and record part 2.

Do take your time. Better to practice it a lot and get it right and good than to rush through and move onto the next project.

I finally got around to listening to your part 3 stuff last night..and trying to get it to sync with MMs drums...problem is that I couldn't get it to sync....maybe. I dunno.

I liked the solos mate You nailed those. But some of the rhythm work under....its either seriously rushed, or the syncing is really screwed...I dunno.

Can you send me the mix you made for MM? I'd like to hear how its supposed to be. I don't want to record to what I think the sync is supposed to be..and then find out its all screwed.
Yea Meds..It was my syncing.
The track you sent me was played in perfect time...well..perfect enough for me anyway. ;)

I'll work on hammering out my rhythm tracks this weekend for parts 1 and 3.
Ok...Its NOT all my syncing.

I synced your rhythm track wrong...I fixed that. But your solo/lead track...the original one you sent (non mixed) was ok at first, but then somehow falls a half second or so behind during the ending runs...even when compared side-by side with your mixed track.

Something must have gotten screwed up in the conversion or something.. I dunno.

I know I am asking a lot of you here..but I want to nail this right and play along with your parts the way it should be. SO...

The lead/solo track. Can you resend it to me alone again? Hopefully, if you try again, I won't experience the half second error.

Your rhythm track you sent is ok...I noticed you doubled it..and panned it hard left/right (100%). Which side do you plan to use in the final recording? That way I'll split the stereo track while I record here so I can try to match rhythm as close as I can with the track you plan to use in the IMG version - I'm sure you are doing your own version too. ;).

Thats all I need. Thanks mate. 1 track, 1 answer. :)

Solo 3 is hard as hell....or have I already said that?
oh man I love this song. Its easy my fav maiden epic.. I learnt the rhy for this the other day. Very cool. Especially all of section 3... Section J as Medsy put it is a pretty tough but I think I got it. What tab are you guys using? I got the tab from http://www.mysongbook.com which uses guitar pro, but it seemed pretty good. A couple of mistakes here and there but you get that with tab...

oh man im rambling... hope it turns out well guys. Which im sure it will with you chaps on the job!
Yeah, guitarists should check out that page, I have just begun looking and the tabs I have looked at so far seems fine. :)

Downloaded 2 minutes to midnight, got all the instruments including vocal line tabbed, just choose which instrument you wanna "watch" playing during the midi song. Also possible to turn down the separate instruments volume levels so, if you`re only intrested in say Daves guitar, you can turn down the rest, or just a few of the rest, to zero volume. This seems great! :) IC....got any tips on how getting a full version av guitar pro....?:rolleyes:
ummmmm.... ok....... i think i follow here.....!!!!!

Ill resend my lead part.... ill check to see if the one i sent you that i saved is ok.....and if it is...ill resend it over.....if not...ill mixdown the parts again....!!!

as for the rytyhm.... i dont think i panned the tracks hard left/right....and the copy i sent you...that i also saved.....is playing straight down the middle.....should be a stereo file.....youll need to pan it manually yourself i think...im not sure if im following you here correctly on this one.....!?!?!?!?!?

And believe it or not...... i actually stopped doing my own versions a while back..... now that the quality of playing has sky rocketed...ive had no need to..... ;) I just record some parts i shouldnt....mainly harmonies.... so i can hear the song finished.... better to hear full mix in case something needs to be re-recorded......
Adde: GP3 is pretty cool. Definately one to hang onto. You should also get a copy of ptab (its free) as well. I like it a bit better than Guitar Pro (although there are not as many tabs - yet). Talk to 7th about GP3. The version you have is the full version. You just need to 'unlock' it. ;)

IC: We are using the 7th son book. All the tab I found on the net (includng gp3) seems to have just ripped of that book.

Medsy: Sorry mate. I was rambling a bit. You'll need to remix your leads, as the one you originally sent is off. The solos are timed right..the runs at the end are off.

The rhythm track you sent me was definately you (twice) panned hard left and right. Very noticable with headphones - through speakers its very hard to tell..sounds like one guitar. There are definately two different guitar recordings there. Its a stereo file alright..guit 1 on the left and guit 2 on right. I just wanted to know which side you were gong to use in the long run. They sound almost the same..there are just slight differences.
ummm...yeah right...now i follow.........

I actually havent even thought about which side ill be running..... but ill definately pan all the rythyms left/right..... and maybe have all the harms straight down the middle....... depening how they sound......

Ill go left side then..... if thats ok.....!!?

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